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Marketing - Business consultancy

Marketing - Business consultancy

Our mission: continuous improvement of business performance and defense of the Business consultancy is a key component for companies; it is a rational and creative plan of action, an evaluation process of the project for the reinforcement/growth of the company's position on the market. The plan, therefore, aims to prior inspect all aspects of the various initiatives in an organized and detailed way, assessing the consequences of different feasible organizational, financial and commercial choices. Moreover, it allows to protect and improve one’s competitive strength, to oversee one’s distribution channel in order to forestall and respond effectively to business strategies pursued by competitors and new players on the market.

Among marketing services:

  • • Identification of customer needs (problem solving oriented consultancy);
  • • Assessment of the competitive environment, particularly of products and services of competitors, their quality-price ratio and coverage of different geographical areas
  • • S.W.O.T. Analysys (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats);
  • • Development of a personal marketing plan including: operation planning, the management of economic resources; the identification and development of services and new products, considering the removal of the "old" and new selections and taking into consideration technological innovation, quality improvement and certification of products.
  • • Research and management of the best distribution channel (short, medium or long) always keeping in mind a proper distribution between traditional and modern channels;
  • • Optimization of economic resources management and distribution.

All this, with reference to a short, medium and long term time frame.

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